Edmonton Ward 7

Click the map below for a larger version and voting station locations.

Edmonton Ward 7 Voting Stations

Subject To Change – Please check the civic election website to confirm.

Voting Station: 07-01

Northmount School 14020 88A Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Northmount

Voting Station: 07-02

Londonderry Community League 14224 74 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Kildare

Voting Station: 07-03

Glengarry School 9211 135 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Glengarry

Voting Station: 07-04

St. Vladimir School 7510 132 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Delwood

Voting Station: 07-05

Killarney Community League 8720 130A Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Killarney

Voting Station: 07-06

Princeton School 7720 130 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Balwin

Voting Station: 07-07

St. Gerard School 12415 85 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Delton, Eastwood, Elmwood Park, Yellowhead Corridor East

Voting Station: 07-08

Montrose School 11931 62 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Edmonton Northlands, Industrial Heights, Montrose

Voting Station: 07-09

St. Leo School 5412 121 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Newton

Voting Station: 07-10

St. Bernadette School 11917 40 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Abbottsfield, Beacon Heights, Bergman

Voting Station: 07-11

Delton School 12126 89 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Alberta Avenue

Voting Station: 07-12

Parkdale Cromdale Community League 11335 85 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Parkdale

Voting Station: 07-13

Virginia Park School 7324 109 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Cromdale, Edmonton Northlands, River Valley Highlands, River Valley Kinnaird, Virginia Park

Voting Station: 07-14

Mount Royal School 11303 55 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Bellevue, Highlands, River Valley Highlands

Voting Station: 07-15

Beverly Heights Community League 4209 111 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Beverly Heights, River Valley Highlands

Voting Station: 07-16

Ivor Dent School 11010 32 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: River Valley Rundle, Rundle Heights