A Family Man Committed To The Families in O-DAY’MIN

Having grown up in McCauley, owned and operated businesses downtown and now a Senior, Tony is passionate about continuing to improve residents’ quality of life.

Tony will continue to:

  • Improve policing and decrease crime, including graffiti.
  • Work to increase LRT security, especially at the Stadium station, and others.
  • Preserve our community values and aspirations by closely examining re-zoning.
  • Support the Neighbourhood Renewal Program.
  • Support the Alley Renewal Program
  • Support maintaining the character of mature neighbourhoods

It’s time to take charge of our own future.

Tony knows that to get what you want you have to ask for it and make a strong case. The system isn’t always fair, but it can be made to work by people who care for the community and don’t give up.

Good economic policy is good social policy. By focusing on core services, we will grow our economic base, establish strong fiscal fundamentals and ensure positive long-term growth for Edmonton.

Projects For Positive Change

Over the years, the residents of O-DAY’MIN have accepted increased development of social and non-market housing in the area. It’s time these projects are distributed evenly across other wards.

O-DAY’MIN’s continued focus should be on projects that will bring a positive change to our community: projects like the Valley Line West LRT, Jasper Avenue revitalizatin, and neighbourhood renewal in communities like Boyle Street and McCauley.

Your Opinion Matters

Your opinions and suggestions matter.  If you have not yet completed my survey, I’d be grateful if you’d quickly fill it out.  It’s very quick and anonymous. Take the survey.